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I love selling homes and winter can be a great time to sell yours. I’m confident: Acting now can benefit you!
Ten Reasons to Sell During Winter Months.
1. Inventory of Competition is Lower 

Buyers have fewer properties to choose from.
You don’t have to compete with the spring market.
Since most people think that the spring is the ultimate time to sell you will find that your home will have some stiff competition. Maybe your neighbor is selling lower than you. You have to wait for that home to sell before yours might be considered by possible buyers. True, in the spring the landscape is looking better but you still have to fight the competition.

2. Only the SERIOUS Buyers are out in the fall/winter.
3. Buyers have more time off work to look during the holidays.
It can be very difficult for buyers to look at properties during the work year. Many take time off during the holidays and have more free time to preview homes.
4. Your home looks wonderful during the holidays! Capitalize on it!
Emotion plays a big part in home purchases.
What doesn’t scream “BUY ME” more that a beautiful home decorated for the holidays. Buying is a very emotional thing and when a home is warm and welcoming it makes a huge difference. Let them imagine their family homecoming in your home this holiday season!

5. Rising interest rates = less buyers = lower home prices.
If you wait for spring to sell the interest rates may go up and home prices may drop. Higher rates affect the purchasing power of the buyer and you may lose money on the sale of your home.

6. It is OK to have specific “NO Showings!" time during Holidays. 
7. Many people have tax reasons to buy before year end.
If you close by December 31, you can deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, points on your loan and interest costs.

8. Online Searches Go Way Up.
People stay indoors and tend to do research online during time off. Your home can get maximum exposure at this time increasing the chance of a great sale
9. More international buyers that don’t observe the same calendar year as us.
There are many more potential international buyers that will be looking at purchasing property during our holidays. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell!

10. Houses feel more like homes. 
Coming in from
  the cold a cozy home feeling causes emotions you cant get other times. People are generally just grateful and happier during this time of the year.

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