About Me

May I introduce myself?

Long time passion: Selling homes since 1982!

I graduated from the Moscow Civil Construction and Engineering
University and applied my knowledge to Russian real estate for 15
years. I survived through the madness of perestroika and then moved to
America. 22 years ago I arrived to San Francisco on a flight from Moscow. All I
had with me were 2 kids, 1 husband, 1 dog, 2 suitcases and 2 
English phrases: "Thank You" and "OK".

Determination: when failure is not an option!

On arrival, I've realized that I had to have a car in order to get around. Up to that point in my life, I have never sat in the drivers seat of a car. Three weeks later I passed my driving test. The very next day I became a volunteer driver for an old lady - an experienced realtor in SF.

I still think that the instructor who administered my driving test
passed me for the sole purpose of never seeing me again and risking her
life by driving in the same car with me.

The very first English words I learned to pronounce very clearly were
centered around driving a car : "Stop it!" "Brake !!!" , "Oh my Gosh..
!!!!!" and "...", these words became my starting lexicon.

Track record: Selling homes in California since 1997!

One day I was preparing the listing for an open house, when
a young couple attending the Open House asked me some
questions and then immediately requested me to represent them as their
buyers agent. All this happened within my first 5 weeks of being here
in America!

I have never studied English, as I just didn't have the time for it.
This did not stop me from passing the state exam for my Real Estate License - 22 years ago, on the first try. Failure was not an option.

One year later I became a top producer.

In 2002 I beat my own personal record in sales and became one of the top 500 Re/Max California and Hawaii agents, despite fierce competition from the 100,000 other agents
and changing market conditions.

Next step: building a team

In 2003 I passed the broker exam, once again on the first try.

When I reported proudly to one of my clients that I passed the broker
exam, he told me: "So what ? It has to be easy for you!". My upset
reply was: "Go and try to pass YOUR test in French..!"

And I'm not stopping here!

Today I am working with an impressive team of 15 agents. We have different backgrounds, various hobbies, cover multiple zipcodes. But we are driven by the same passion for real estate. 

We love matching owners to homes, and homes to owners. 

Our biggest joy and highest achievement is when several generations of one family keep buying and selling homes with us. Our current record is a chain of 7 transactions over the period of 20 years. 

Let us meet and get to know each other, 

Irene Borz,
CA DRE # 01228057
Office: 408-599-7007 
Cell: 408-603-6189